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Petville universe

Our facilities.

Two hectares

+800 covered m2

Double perimeter fence

+60 security cameras

Electric generator set


Two hectares divided into different parks where dogs are grouped by temperament, size and age. In addition, we have a one-hectare open space so that all our guests can connect with nature and their animal instinct. There are spaces for our older guests as well.

Swimming pool

70 m2 swimming pool with different levels and a special step around the perimeter so they can enter and leave whenever they want, regardless of their size.


We have air-conditioned living rooms, especially set for rainy days or extreme weather days, where they can also sleep during the night. Equipped with armchairs, beds, air conditioning, heating and games.

"PetVille gives us the peace of mind we need every time we have to leave our French Bulldog in their care. Those who know these dogs know that they usually require more attention due to their physical characteristics and especially the high temperatures that make them suffer too much. Chloe really enjoys the internal patio with air conditioning when it's hot and heated when it's cold. She also cools off in the sink, it helps her control her weight and, on one occasion, she even got a vaccine that we couldn't get. But the most important thing is the love they give her from the moment they pick her up until she comes back to us. Receiving photos and videos where we see her having fun gives the calm we need when we are missing her so much. Thank you very much Marisa, Javier and everyone! Chloe has loved PetVille since he was six months old and today, at three years old, they are already part of her life."


More than 50 individual bedrooms, with air conditioning and heating depending on the season, with access to the outside, windows and mosquito nets.


We also have a Pet Shop in the welcome area where you can find food, leashes, dishes, toys and more.

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