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When you go on vacation, when you are remodeling your house, when you are expecting a baby, when you have a celebration with many guests, if one of your doggies is in heat or if you have a doggy going through a recovery/illness and it is difficult to give them medication. Whenever you feel like you need to leave your doggy in a trusted place, just talk to us!


Guest reports via WhatsApp so that your family is aware of our daily life.

Transfer in-out

Our own optional door-to-door transfer service, from/to your home in specially equipped PetVille vans. We do not hire temporary or external personnel. This service has an additional cost.

Baths and haircuts

Beyond daily grooming, guests can return home bathed and groomed, ready to reunite with their family. The service includes nail trimming, ear cleaning and emptying of perianal glands if required. We make haircuts for all breeds. This service is included for stays of more than 28 days but presents an additional charge for shorter stays.

Veterinary Services

Check-in and check-out medical check-up, periodic check-ups during the stay, communication if necessary with the guest's primary veterinarian, vaccination, health check-ups and surgeries. Ability to resolve emergencies. While your doggies are with us, we can do their annual studies or blood tests, radiographic plates and more. And when you return from your vacation, you can have everything solved and done!


If food is not provided by the guest's family, we can provide it ourselves, respecting what they usually consume. We also have a chef who can prepare homemade food at your request. You just have to give us the ingredients and indicate the proper way to prepare the meals. The service has an additional cost. For the moment when you return home, we have a pet store in the welcome area where you can find super premium food, dishes, elevated water bowls and much more.

Dog Education

Dog education included in every stay. Does your doggy have any behavioral problems? Call us, tell us! We are experts in socialization. We practice different types of recreation and activities such as games with ropes, balls, sniffing games, search and tracking games, among others. We have a re-education and behavior modification program for guests who request it, with the possibility of follow-up.

Consulting services for national and international trips

We can provide international transportation to the destination you have chosen, microchip implantation, health certificates and laboratory analysis.


Service from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We receive dogs that come to spend the day, play, socialize, and be in a pack. Includes all the services of a usual stay except for the transfer.


Physical rehabilitation center run by a Veterinary Doctor specialized in the area of physiatry, where not only therapies with apparatus are performed, but also exercises that promote the patient’s recovery. If your dog is undergoing any special treatment, he does not have to pause it when he comes to PetVille. We have all the tools, equipment, knowledge and personnel here to continue with whatever they might need. Let us know!

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Electroanalgesia
  • Electrostimulation
  • Laser therapy
  • Neural Therapy
  • Ozone therapy
"We left our dog Sol in Petville for the first time and she had an injury in her paw. The place is wonderful, the dogs are grouped by their sizes or their affinity, they have a pool and lots of greenery as well as a comfortable place with air conditioning. Sol received care, physiotherapy and a lot of pampering!!!! She came back very very happy!!! It brought us peace of mind to know that she was well and to receive very tender videos and photos almost daily. From now on, without a doubt, PetVille will be a second home for Sun!"

Dog Education

We have different types of recreation and activities. Games with braids, balls, tug games, sniffing games, search and tracking games, among others. We have a re-education and behavior modification program for guests who request it, with the possibility of a follow-up.

"We left Nala with many fears, since she is a 1-year-old Labrador with a diagnosis of social phobia and problems socializing with people. The next day I started receiving videos of her interacting with other people, we couldn't believe it. If you are just looking for a dog boarding facility you could choose many. But if you really want your dog to be happy, pampered and treated like a king, there is no better option than PetVille."
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